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Stratton Skis

Stratton, Vermont
March 2020

Getting there..

After a long journey to Stratton Mountain in Vermont all the way from Cambridge to London to New York (for a day) and a drive up to Vermont. I skied with a friend for all of three days before the mountain was shut down due to Covid.

Rain freezing rain

First day was pretty cold and raining I’d like to say freezing rain if this is a thing, and we spent the end of the day drying out all our clothing. The gondola was shut presumably because of high winds not sure if this was going to be a bad omen for the day and it stayed shut our entire visit. So on to the chairlifts and up to the top – where it’s now really raining didn’t manage to take even one photo of this day as it was truly wet and cold!

From the top, Stratton
March 2020

Mountain Drinks

After a morning of skiing we visited the bar over looking the mountain for lunch and some well deserved beers, a selection of five from the taster menu including the sound of music beer from the Von Trapps!

Beer Tasting


The bar
Stratton Mountain

Stratton ski lift

Chair Lift
Stratton Mountain

The Bar
Stratton Base camp
stratton top

Top of the Mountain
Stratton Mountain


London from the air
Homeward bound